Mainspring helps Companies develop their presence in the light and urban rail sector - and beyond.

We unlock new opportunities and increase sales thorough our extensive industri knowledge, unrivalled network of connections and wide range of marketing and communication services. We research your markets, traditional and new, to identify opportunities and help you to create the openings to gain access to the key decision-makers.

Put simply: we connect you to the people you need to know.

Mainspring´s proven suite of products and services help you achieve your aims and objectives within light rail and the wider public transport markets. These include the traditional key marketing elements - strategic consultance, market research, business intelligence, corporate communication, publishing and digital marketing - and much, much more to offer a comprehensive service geared toward freeing you to concentrate on connecting with people.

Working with Mainspring unlocks new markets, provides access to more and higher value sales opportunities and enhances your brand reputation as an industry leader. is a Company in Copenhagen, Denmark, which has been arranging the Light Rail Day Conference for the past 9 years. This conference is the most important event for Tramways in Scandinavia, with international speakers and a brilliant opportunity to share knowledge and experiences and do a lot of networking.

Bernd Reuß is the owner at His experience and knowledge about tramways has been a great help in finding and engaging very interesting speakers for the conferences. Mr Reuß has a big Network in the public transport area, and is joining several conferences in Europe throughout the year.